Demyo « Okko » (3.0)


The highlights for Demyo 3.0 are:

  • The UI has been completely rewritten. It’s much more dynamic, displays more information on connected entries (e.g. you can now see the derivatives on the series page) and gives more importance to the images that you associate with your collection. It’s also easier to navigate
  • It’s possible to select a currency to qualify the prices
  • Series show the running dates based on the encoded albums
  • Albums now have separate fields for the date of the current edition and the printing date. The date of the current edition is used to determine first editions
  • Tags can now have descriptions
  • New tasks in the drop-down menus allow creating derivatives directly from the series and album pages.
  • It is now possible to view images in a popup, without leaving the current page
  • Improved performance on limited hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
  • The usual bug fixes and usability improvements

Demyo 3.0 allows importing, editing and viewing all entities and fields from Demyo 2.x and Demyo 1.5, expect the loan management.

Cette version is named after Okko, the lead character from the eponymous series. Okko is also a cat (Cream Tabby Birman), one of the mascots of Demyo.


Don’t hesitate to check the installation procedure.


Note: although some of the below screenshots may contain content in other languages, the software is fully translated in English.