At a glance…

Demyo is a software to manage comic book libraries.

  • Add content, and navigate freely in your series, albums, authors, derivatives, …
  • Tag albums to sort them in various categories
  • Add images to your collection: covers, original drawings, portraits for the authors, …
  • Enjoy your library with others: each reader can have his/her own favourites and reading list
  • Rely on a modern user interface to go through your collection
  • Demyo has no limits and runs fast: handle collections of thousands of albums on a credit-sized computer
  • Demyo est available on Windows and Linux, in English and French
  • Even better, it is completely free and without ads

… or in detail

Specialised and full-featured

Demyo is a piece of software dedicated to managing comics, graphic novels and manga. It does only one thing, but it does it well. You can keep track of the following items:

  • Series and albums
  • Publishers and collections
  • Derivatives of all types, such as limited prints and objects
  • Authors

All these items are interlinked. An album can be part of a series, and be the work of multiple authors (writer, artist, inker, colourist or translator). Derivatives may have been published for this album or series and are also linked to them.

It is possible to search to find directly what you need. Otherwise, you can freely browse all content through index pages, or follow links between elements to go from an album to its series, to its authors, to other works of those authors, etc.

Each element can be described in detail: specify the size of your albums and derivatives, sort albums with the help of tags, follow the price history of albums and derivatives, provide summaries and comments. You have a lot of fields to precisely describe each element, but only few are mandatory: it is up to you to define how precise you want your library to be.

Demyo is as configurable as possible. It is up to you to define book bindings or derivative types you want to use. You can also sort your albums in categories as you wish. Do what you want and, if something is missing, ask for it. Maybe this feature could be added to a later release.


Demyo relies on the latest Web technologies to offer a user interface that is convenient, lightweight, interactive and modern. Its design is based on Google’s own research on user interfaces. The software runs on your computer and you access it through the Web browser of your choice: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari…

Fast and cross-platform

Demyo is available for Windows and Linux.

Demyo is very fast. It is extensively tested on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. If you don’t know that hardware, it’s a credit-sized computer which is about as fast as a Pentium 4, a 15 year old computer. You can bet it will run without issue on any modern computer.

Free as in beer, free as in speech

Demyo is Free and Open Source software, licensed under AGPL. This means that you can legally make copies, share it and install it wherever you want. It is completely free, without hidden costs or limitations. If you know the underlying technologies, you can also freely modify its behaviour.