Getting Support

If you have a question regarding the behaviour of Demyo, you can check the questions and answers of the project on GitHub. If you can find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask your own question.

You can also check the dedicated subreddit.

Reporting bugs and suggesting improvements

Demyo code and issue tracking is hosted on GitHub. If you’re having an issue, you can search if it has already been reported there, and create a ticket if you need to.

Please file new issues in English.


At this time, there is no full documentation for Demyo. Text documentation takes a lot of time to author and, by experience, it wasn’t very efficient in Demyo 1.x:

  • People don’t like to read pages and pages of text
  • Demyo is intuitive enough
  • If you intend to do something risky, you can just export, try, and import your backup if you messed things up

Video tutorials should eventually become available. No date on that yet, though.


Contributions are welcome within certain bounds, as I don’t have time to manage a proper team. You can find guidelines on Demyo’s GitHub page.