Demyo “Blaze” (1.3)


Most notably, this release brings:

  • Performance increase by a factor of 2 to 3. Some pages are even 10 times as fast.
  • The collection can be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Albums can be part of a wishlist. This list can then be exported so that you can take it with you when you go looking for comics.
  • Images recently put in the images directory can be automatically added.
  • You can navigate from one page to the other using the arrow keys.
  • Authors, editors and collections can now have an image (such as a portrait or logo).
  • Easier installation on all platforms. One-click installation on Debian and Ubuntu.
  • The home page has been reworked and can be customized.

This release is named after Johnny Blaze, the biker from Ghost Rider.


Don’t hesitate to check the installation procedure.


Note: although some of the below screenshots may contain content in other languages, the software is fully translated in English.