Demyo “Gouals” (1.2)


Most notably, this release brings:

  • A new theme. The whole application has been redesigned with a more coherent look and feel. Some new options have been added and the general usability has been improved.
  • Quick search is available on more pages and is keyboard-navigable (including a keyboard shortcut that defaults to Alt+r). Tags can also be searched.
  • Most pages now have a menu with commonly used actions related to the current page (for example, you can add an author from the author list).
  • Snappier cover list in series view, with support for covers of variable widths (covers aren’t resized to the largest width anymore).
  • Publishers can have RSS feeds, and these can be browsed without leaving Demyo.
  • Adding an album to a series pre-fills more fields.
  • Online help is available. Only the most important topics are covered at the moment.
  • A progress meter is shown on import.

The installation procedure is still a bit long but using the software requires no technical skills at all.

This release is named after a snow monster in Les Lumières de l’Amalou (we just left winter).


Don’t hesitate to check the installation procedure.


Note: although some of the below screenshots may contain content in other languages, the software is fully translated in English.