Demyo “Warren” (1.1)


Most notably, this release brings:

  • Relations between series: you can link series together, for example because they involve the same characters
  • More interactive charts for library statistics
  • Derivative sources are now handled as real entities. They will be auto-completed when adding a derivative, and added if nonexistent when saving it.
  • Find orphaned entries (unused authors, images, tags, etc.)
  • Improved performance on import (up to 40% faster)
  • More intuitive cover selection
  • Filtering of collections based on the selected editor when adding or editing an album
  • Sensible redirection: when adding a derivative from a series page, you will be sent back to the corresponding series instead of the list of derivatives
  • Derivatives can be shown without leaving the current page for authors, series and albums
  • Easier and more fool-proof number fields for data input

This release is named after the main character from L’esprit de Warren.


Don’t hesitate to check the installation procedure.


Note: although some of the below screenshots may contain content in other languages, the software is fully translated in English.