Installation procedure (Demyo 2.x)


An automated installer is available. It allows installing Demyo 2, and updating existing Demyo 2 installations.

After the installation, shortcuts will be available in the Start Menu and on your desktop, if you selected the option.

It is not possible to automatically update Demyo 1 to Demyo 2. Instead, start Demyo 1, export your library, uninstall Demyo 1, install Demyo 2 and re-import your library.

Demyo requires Java 7 or 8. If it’s not already installed on your computer, Demyo will propose to download it when first starting.

Linux / *NIX

A .tar.gz archive is available. Extract it to your home directory or elsewhere on your computer, and use the shell script to start Demyo.

Demyo requires Java 7 or 8. It is compatible with the OpenJDK.

Demyo is tested under Debian and Raspbian, but should work on all Linux distributions. Perhaps even on other unices, as long as they have Java.