Demyo “Malikaï” (2.0)


Demyo 2.0 is a full rewrite of Demyo, using technologies that are more efficient, more flexible, and for which keeping up-to-date with the latest versions is easier. In practice, this means that it will be easier to add new features to Demyo without risking performance issues or bugs.

Demyo 2.0 allows importing, editing and viewing all entities and fields from Demyo 1.5, expect the loan management (which is imported, but not yet manageable).

Moreover, Demyo 2.0 offers a new, more intuitive user interface, and new fields for some entities. For more information, check the list of features.

This version is named after Malikaï, the hero from Soulfire. Malikaï is also a cat (Choco Tabby Birman), one of the mascots of Demyo.


Don’t hesitate to check the installation procedure.


Note: although some of the below screenshots may contain content in other languages, the software is fully translated in English.